Write For Us – Guest Posts & Contributor Writers

Every month, FragMeta is frequented by tens of thousands of avid gamers and readers in search of the freshest gaming news, guides, and reviews! As a writer, sharing your thoughts with a diverse and engaged readership is a fantastic means of building your authority, making new connections and ultimately paving the road towards your profile as an expert in the world of gaming.

As a leading gaming-oriented news website, we are always on the lookout for talented creative content writers to join our booming community by contributing high-quality, well-written and meaningful content for our readers. You’ll have access to one of the best finely-tailored and engaged digital audiences in the gaming world along with exposure for your content through our social media channels.

However, we don’t accept everyone that applies.

With hundreds of submissions every single month, we have a set of submission guidelines that will help ensure your content is in-line with what our readers are looking for before it even lands on our editors’ desks. Keep reading to learn about the submission process and the steps you’ll need to take for your content to be approved.

What Do We Look For?

Here at FragMeta, we are incredibly committed to our audience and readers. This is why we do our absolute best to ensure that all content is unique, relevant and brings some new angles and insights to the table. As such, we’re on a quest to bring informative, fun and even inspirational pieces to our readers.

Clear Message & Unique Insights

While there’s nothing wrong with your own take or angle on a fresh piece of news – there’s very little value for our readers and ourselves in a re-worded (or worse, entirely unoriginal) piece. Before you submit an article to us, or propose a topic to write about – take a moment to browse our existing content and see if there are some topic-gaps that you might want to cover.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Recent Gaming News
  • League Of Legends Informational Articles & Guides
  • Path Of Exile Informational Articles, Builds & Guides
  • Gaming Equipment & Computing News

Well-Written & Well-Researched

Your piece should be well-written and free of any grammatical mistakes. In addition to this, your piece should not provide false or misleading information, though a bit of controversial flair is something we can make room for occasionally. Lastly, your content should be 100% plagiarism-free (we check).

We only accept hand-written, English content. So if your piece is sub-par, poorly-written, plagiarized or lazily spun altogether – it will not be accepted.

Here are some guidelines:

  • 500 to 2,000+ words long (we suggest an average of 800-1,500 words to allow for thorough coverage)
  • If you cite any information, data or statistics, please link back to the original source
  • 2 do-follow links (outside of sources) allowed per article and 1 personal no-follow link
  • Include an SEO-optimized META description and title for your article as well as the core keywords
  • Make sure your article has a conclusion / closing thoughts section to wrap up the presented information
  • Make sure all headings/links/stylized elements are properly formatted before sending us the article

Advertorial Content

We do not accept guest post submissions for content that is clearly written with the sole purpose of advertising or promoting a service, product, brand or event. However, as a writer, you are allowed a personal branded link placed in your bio.

If you are interested in a promotional post – please reach out to advertising@fragmeta.com or visit our Advertising Page for more information on our promotional opportunities.

The Process Of Submitting An Article

Please send an email with your topic idea or draft article to writeforus@fragmeta.com. We accept draft documents in DOCX format and you are welcome to share them as an attachment, Google Drive link or Dropbox link.

If you’re been diligent in following the guidelines laid out above – your submission should be accepted soon after you reach out to us. Please be patient with our editorial team and provide us up to 3 business days (Monday to Friday) for us to review your submission. Once your piece is approved and confirmed – we will provide you with a publishing date when your post will go live on our site.

In the even that your submission is not approved by our editorial team – we will not use your content. As the writer, you will retail all rights to the piece and can put it to use in any manner you’d like. Due to the large volume of submissions that we receive every month, our editors will not be providing feedback for any submissions that aren’t approved.

Thank you for your time and effort in getting to know our guidelines and we look forward to sharing your content with our readers!