About Us

FragMeta is a website for gamers, run by gamers! We cover a large variety of games and gaming-related news with a focus on Path of Exile and League of Legends, among other popular multiplayer titles. Having started out as a small team of closely-knit gamers with a knack for the written word, we are endlessly dedicated to the community that has built up around FragMeta and we earnestly do our all to provide new angles on gamer-centric topics in a fair, lighthearted, anadulterated and insightful way.

It’s no secret that the world of gaming is complex and at times, bewildering altogether. And that’s the reason that we’re all here around the clock – to help veterans and newbies alike make sense of it all.

With over 10 years of experience and a diverse international team, you’ve got lots to look forward to each and every time you visit. Game on!

Advertising Opportunities

Here at FragMeta, we actively offer multiple opportunities and advertising positions to game developers and publishers as well as related businesses such as gaming equipment retailers and computing hardware manufacturers.

Whether you’re interested in renting one of our advertisement banner positions or putting together a sponsored post – reach out to advertising@fragmeta.com for more information.

Press / Reviews

We are always on the lookout for up and coming titles to play and review in an effort to help our audience of readers discover new and exciting experiences. If you’re interested in us putting together a detailed review of your game, gaming accessories and/or hardware – feel free to send us your review guidelines along with a coverage request to pr@fragmeta.com.

Guest Post Submission

Our doors are open to talented writers with a strong passion for the gaming world! We actively accept unique, engaging and interesting content year-round. Check out our “Write For Us” page for more information on submission criteria and the process of having your content featured on our site.